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My Application

name- Holly
age- 18
location- Alabama

movie(s)- Nightmare Before Christmas,Corpse Bride,See No Evil,Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire,HollyWood Vampyr, Saw Series, Fear Dot Com, Juno 1 and 2, Rocky Horror Show, Lady and the Tramp (all the old disney movies)

bands/artists between 10 and 15- Marilyn Manson,Betty Curse,Ozzy Osbourne, Tiger Army, Dimmu Borgir, SlipKnot, GWAR, Cannibal Corpse, Kittie, Stray Cats,Frank Sinatra

book(s)-Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Vampire Chronicles, Daughters of the Moon, SWEEP series

song- "Shut Me Up" by Mindless Self Indulgence and "Dreamer" by Ozzy Osbourne

place to be- Feeling safe in my fiancé's arms

food- Asian Cuisine

candy- Lollipops and Gummi Bears

ice cream- Mint Chocolate Chip

website- GaiaOnline and LiveJournal

scent- Sweet Grief perfume from Hot Topic

animal- Wolves

tv show- Criss Angel MindFreak

random details

the most important person in your life is: My mother, although she passed away in April 2005. I miss her greatly but she taught me everything and I respect her for being there for me.

do you have any siblings?- yes

do you have a job? what is it?- No, I use to work at a fastfood restraunt.

if you had a million dollars to spend on yourself... I would buy a house in Tokyo,Japan and live

things you can do
1 Write
2 purr
3 play a clarinet
things you wish you could do
1 Use photoshop better
2 Travel more
3 Speak more than three languages
things that work your last nerve
1 being ignored/interrupted
2 fakes
3 sluts

things you cant live without
1 books
2 music
3 the internet
4 food
5 my fiance
things you really dislike
1 jealous girls that try to steal your men
2 used clothes
3 immature people
4 Liars
5 Being broke

movie quotes you love what movies are they from?
1 "I was never a member of the nazi party!!" The Producers
2 "Has she ever pouted her lips and called you Pooky?" RENT
actors you love
1 Stuart Townsend
2 Johnny Depp
actresses you love
1 Clair Danes
2 Julia Roberts
actor or actresses you cant watch
1 Angelina Jolei (or however you spell it)
2 Danny Glover
things that scare you
1 Spiders
2 Clowns

are you for or against the following things?
write as much or as little as you want, some topics deserve a little more thought and explanation than others.
include the word for or against in every answer. bold it. yes, thats right, bold the word for or against. there should be no 'unsure'. pick a stance and go on to tell us why it was close if you prefer to explain yourself.

Abortion- I think it is something every woman has her own choice about. It should not be forced upon anyone and depending on the situation or circumstance I still do not see it as right. I mean honestly you could have the baby and put it up for adoption instead of killing it.

Gay Marriage- I am all for it. Having gay friends myself, Honestly I do not see why gay couples can't have the same rights as straights. They are human beings just like everyone else who is capable of falling in love..Why should gender be a issue?

American Idol- I don't care for such shows even though I love Simon Cowell's sense of humor.

MTV- Not being a big fan of MTV myself..It shows to many shows based around dating etc. When it is called Music Television..But no music hardly? What is up with that?

Cloning and Stem-Cell research- I can under stand stem cell research because it can be helpful for people with certain injuries..Cloning I do not think is needed. You only need one of yourself..

Prayer in Public Schools- This seems to be a major issue everwhere. In my opinion it is a good thing to keep it out of schools. You have to stop and think of all the mixed religions in schools now days and think of how many people it would offend.

Hot Topic- I love store personally, being in the lifestyle I am. I guess it really depends on your fashion taste.

Martha Stewart- She was a brilliant woman in her day but greed got the best of her. That just comes to show one should not be like this woman..It will get you in trouble.

Premarital Sex- I am not against it but I think teens and everyone else for that matter involved with sex should think about the consequences of the event and why they are in the situation..I mean what does the person mean to you that you are going to allow to invade your body?

Michael Jackson- Great Artist, I listened to him as a child growing up. I do not think I will be able to look at him after all the stuff about the kid stuff but over all amazing man back in the 80s and early 90s

Harry Potter &/or Lord of the Rings- I love them both. The books themselves are filled with so much fantasy it can really let your creative juices flow. The series themselves tell hidden secrets and values of the world and your own self. You just have to figure them out.

Cigarettes- Most people think they look cool but they are really just cancer sticks no offense to people who smoke. It is not sexy in my opinion but people should be more informed on the health risks and chemicals that they are made up of.

Censorship- Seeing as how we were promised Freedom of Speech, Censorship is something we do not need. People should be entitled to being themselves.

Illegal Drugs- This is a big NO in my book..Honestly all they are is chemicals like you clean your toliet with..If you wanna do drugs in my opinion just go out and buy some Red Devil Lye put it in a syringe and zap it into your veins..Because you are going to die anyway from them after so long.

Underage Drinking- Drinking to a point is fine..But never would I encourage underage drinking. I mean 21 is the legal age and 18 is fine. Those under 18 should have their arse kicked for drinking because they are still growing and are not considered an adult yet. Which makes all the difference.

Capital Punishment- It does come in handy when needed because of all the low life criminals that deserve it. Many people are against it..But stop and think off all the criminals that have killed innocent families,babies,children etc. Wouldn't you want them to have the same fate? Death?

Pornography (non-underage. kiddie porn is just wrong!) People have their own rights to watching it. Honestly I have sat down with friends and tried watching it. The story plots suck big time and I just don't see a point to it other than watching it to help you get off. Isn't that why most people watch it anyway?

at least 3 of you, minimal photoshopping and high contasting as possible. and other pictures of things that matter to you *your car, your puppy, a pic of you with a friend or boy/girlfriend...* if you want

My wonderful soldier/fiancé
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