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movie(s)Party Monster, Spun, Shaun of the Dead, Boondock Saints, and American History X

bands/artists between 10 and 15Mindless Self Indulgence, Garbage, Orgy, Blood Brothers, The Union uNderground, Lords of Acid, Sublime, Slipknot, and Prodigy.

book(s)What is Goth?


place to beIn my boat parked on the side of my house.

foodBuffalo chicken strips from Denny's.


ice creamRainbow Sherbet

websiteLivejournal and Myspace

scentOld Spice body wash


tv showThe Simpsons, King of the Hill, Aeon Flux, Invader Zim.

random details:

the most important person in your life is:Sounds bad, but me.

do you have any siblings?Nope.

do you have a job? what is it?Nope.

if you had a million dollars to spend on yourself...All black xterra and a room full of candy. Oh and a chinchilla.

3 things you can do
[2.]make french toast
[3.]write poetry
things you wish you could do
things that work your last nerve
[1.]being asked the same question over and over
[2.]being woken up
[3.]not having cigs

5 things you cant live without
[2.]Aaron and Elizabeth
[3.]toilet paper
5 things you really dislike
[1.]the color sea foam green
[2.]fall guy
[4.]cheap cigarettes

2 movie quotes you love what movies are they from?
[1.]"He's always picking his nose, and eating his boogers"- Now and Then
[2.]"You might cry two tears in a bucket, Fuck it"- House Party
2 actors you love
[1.]Adam Sandler
[2.]Chris Farley
2 actresses you love
[1.]Drew Barrymore
[2.]Elizabeth Hurley
2 actor or actresses you cant watch
[1.]All B movie actors and actresses
[2.]Charlize Theron
2 things that scare you
[2.]biuscut cans

are you for or against the following things?
write as much or as little as you want, some topics deserve a little more thought and explanation than others.
include the word for or against in every answer. bold it. yes, thats right, bold the word for or against. there should be no 'unsure'. pick a stance and go on to tell us why it was close if you prefer to explain yourself.


Gay Marriage[FOR]Marriage is love. It doesn't matter if it is between man and man or woman and woman, it is still love.

American Idol[for]eh. it is somewhat entertaining.

MTV[for]I dont have cable, but I am definantly a video junkie

Cloning and Stem-Cell researchundecided

Prayer in Public Schools[againist]is wrong

Hot Topic[for]has cute stuff sometimes

Martha Stewart[against]is scary

Premarital Sex[both]isn't for everyone. but if you feel the time is right go for it! just be certain.

Michael Jackson[against]is also scary

Harry Potter &/or Lord of the Rings[for]I'm not really into either of those, couple years ago I tried reading the hobbit, but I just got confused.

Cigarettes[both]I smoke Marlboro Menthal 100s

Censorship[against]fuck it

Illegal Drugs[against]are not for me.

Underage Drinking[underage-against]is not for me. I don't drink.

Capital Punishment[both]circumstances

Pornography (non-underage. kiddie porn is just wrong!)[for]Love it!

at least 3 of you, minimal photoshopping and high contasting as possible. and other pictures of things that matter to you *your car, your puppy, a pic of you with a friend or boy/girlfriend...* if you want.

Pin-up Pics.

And the rest.

My babies:

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